Packages Version

Every version of an installed package is returned in a header called x-version. Furthermore you’re able to retrieve those by requesting /core/version. The schema is provided at /schema/core/version. These versions show everything which may change the API.

Endpoint example

Since it’s not a collection the endpoint does not have a slash at the end.

GET /core/version -> returns an object containing all version numbers

Only GET requests are supported an return a response containing the following body.


    "versions": {
        "self": "v0.12.0",
        "graviton/graviton": "v0.31.0"



If you want to display the wrapper/graviton version just add self. self is always the version of the context you’re in.

  • In graviton self refers to graviton itself
  • In a graviton derived api it refers to the version of the graviton wrapper itself.