Document Versioning

To track the latest changes of a Document the definition must be set versioning: true. While a document resource is set to be versioning controlled graviton will automatically update on each patch or put the version of the document. If a request is sent without the corresponding version an exception will be thrown and header x-current-version will tell you about the version the document is.

The schema will show a new field version with current document change version number. On creation this field is not required but can be sent as 0. After first creation the version will aquire version: 1. On updating this document with a PUT version field must match origin and so for Patch, required inside same request.

Test case

A test case was created having a simple sample of the functionality. test

The field is auto generated based on the definition:

 "service": {
    "readOnly": false,
    "versioning": true,

Schema definition:

GET /schema/testcase/versioning-entity/collection 
"version": {
    "title": "Version",
    "description": "Document version. You need to send current version if you want to update.",
    "type": "integer",
    "x-constraints": [